The below therapists are available for Couples Counselling

Sharon Kaplansky Finchley Therapy Practice Profile

Sharon Kaplansky

Experience, Commitment and Empathy is some of what I bring to therapy. I believe that together we can work through whatever you are struggling with to create a lasting change.

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Michelle Shapiro Finchley Therapy Practice Profile

Michelle Shapiro

I am a clinical psychologist who works with adults, children and families. I specialise in trauma therapy, called AIT, as well as offering the NVR Parenting model.

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Bea Salter

Stressed? Anxious? Worried? At your wit’s end? Depressed? Despondent? Angry? Stuck? Put An End To It!

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Kate Williams Finchley Therapy Practice Profile

Kate Williams

Anxiety, relationship problems, anger, depression, low self-esteem. I offer Counselling for Individuals and Couples.

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Edoardo Finchley Therapy Practice Profile

Edoardo Zollo

Cherries are cherries. Peaches are peaches. A cherry could never become a peach. It wouldn’t be necessary. Even if it did, it wouldn’t be happy. We should live in a way that is true to ourselves. We could not become someone else, even if we wanted to. Our lives are precious and irreplaceable.

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