You may be struggling with emotional pain, challenges in everyday life, relationship problems, loss, addiction, abuse or looking for personal development. I treat each client individually and cater the therapy to suit your specific needs.

Nickan Arzpeyma (PgDip, MBACP)

About Nickan

I understand that seeking therapy and finding the right therapist can be a daunting experience; however, it can be a significant step towards contentment and liberation. There may be several reasons why you are seeking therapeutic support. You might be struggling with regulating your emotions, facing challenges in everyday life, dealing with relationship or family problems, coping with loss, addiction, abuse, trauma, or other adversities. Alternatively, you might be looking for personal exploration, development, and growth. Whether you seek short-term or long-term, more open-ended therapy, I provide a confidential and non-judgmental space where we can work together to understand and gain a greater awareness of the nature and origins of your challenges. Here, you can explore your thoughts, behaviours, and emotions without fear of judgment.

As an integrative psychotherapist providing counselling and psychotherapy services in North London and online, I draw on psychodynamic, existential, cognitive, relational, and trauma-informed approaches. While the theories underpinning these approaches are useful, I believe each person’s situation is unique. Life’s adversities often directly impact our relationships, so we will explore your relational dynamics together. By understanding these dynamics, we can recognise patterns in your behaviour and thoughts, addressing unresolved emotions and building a more authentic self. My goal is to help you understand and challenge the underlying patterns of behaviour that contribute to psychological distress, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, self-esteem issues, confidence, and intimacy difficulties. By working with these patterns, we can challenge persistent and unnecessary behaviours, leading to greater contentment and a more genuine life.

I hold a PgDip qualification from the Inter-Psyche Institute, Kent, and Medway NHS Trust. Currently, I practice in North London while lecturing on counselling and psychotherapy at Kent and Medway NHS. My previous roles include working as a psychotherapist in a London NHS GP practice and serving as a project lead at Each Counselling and Psychotherapy Charity, where I designed, planned, and implemented a structure to provide support to individuals affected by the challenges of loss and bereavement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before training as a psychotherapist, I worked as a Senior Director in sixth form colleges and boarding schools, assisting students and families with emotional difficulties and training staff in mental health awareness. I also served as a trustee on the board of The Break Foundation Charity, supporting families and schools with the impact of online grooming abuse on survivors and strategising ways to prevent and protect children and families.

I have a fully enhanced DBS check and am a registered member of the BACP, adhering to their code of ethics. My hope is that you can begin to recognise and utilise your inner strengths to live the life you desire. Together, we can work towards understanding your challenges and developing strategies to overcome them, fostering a path to a more fulfilling life.