Michelle Shapiro Finchley Therapy Practice Profile

I am a clinical psychologist who works with adults, children and families. I specialise in trauma therapy, called AIT, as well as offering the NVR Parenting model.

Michelle Shapiro (Psychologist)

About Michelle

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with a specialism in working with trauma, for both adults and young people. I have had over 25 years experience as a practitioner. I emigrated to the UK in 2002, and worked in a CAMHS (child and adolescent) service for over 10 years. Through my time in the NHS and subsequently in the private sector, I have been involved in the growth and dissemination through the UK, of a particular model of parenting guidance called NVR (see: nvr-practitioners-consortium.com).

  • At present I offer individual trauma therapy sessions, using the Advanced
  • Integrative Therapy (AIT) format. I offer sessions for adults as well as for young people.
  • I am also involved in parenting groups, implementing the NVR approach
  • I offer individual family sessions to learn the NVR approach
  • I offer couples therapy
  • I also teach AIT and NVR to professionals across the UK and Europe.