Etti Kia Finchley Therapy Practice Profile

Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy
Sexual and Intimacy Problems
Partners as Parents


About Etti

There are times in our relationships when we realise that we are drifting apart from our partners. The emotional connections feel fragile and unsatisfactory. Intimacy starts to fade and loneliness seems to spread. We might wonder what has happened to us, where the love disappeared to and how to find it back. Surprisingly, we might find ourselves attracted to the same kind of relationships which made us unhappy before as if we only deserve unhappiness. This is one the significant sings that you need to seek help from a qualified relationship therapist, do something about it and do not be the victim! Research shows that a Psychodynamic approach can provide the most effective and lasting cure for a diversity of emotional and relationship problems.

I have trained, graduated and qualified as an Individual and Couple Psychodynamic Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Tavistock Relationships. Tavistock Relationships is the most recognised creditable international Psychodynamic Counselling and Psychotherapy institute for advance practice, research to support individuals, couples and families.

I work as an assessor and visiting clinician at Tavistock and I also host private clients at my own practice at Finchley Central. The therapy I offer is based on relational psychoanalysis which emphasises the impact of our early experiences on our relationships. It can cover a range of issues in relationships such as emotional, intimacy and sexual difficulties.

In addition, I am also experienced in working with people of diverse backgrounds, both in terms of sexuality and culture. Moreover, Mentalization Based Treatment skills are applied to my work. This method can be used to reduce and control violence within couple or family relationships. It also works with personality disorders such as borderline patience.

I had the experience of working with domestic violence from Home Start Organisation from 2008 to 2011. I was also delighted to work with children as a volunteer child counsellor at The Place 2 Be organisation for an academic year as well. Furthermore, I have been seeing individuals and couples at Tavistock since 2013 and have about 1000 hours of clinical work experiences.

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