My clients know me for my warmth, natural optimism and deep understanding, which they say, comes from the wealth of knowledge and life experience.

Bea Salter – MSc, MBACP, UKCP

You can feel better after the first session

Couples, Individuals, Young People

There are times in our lives when we experience upsetting events and feelings, which seem to have no end or resolution in sight. This might be due to specific circumstances such as stress, troubled relationship, bereavement or sickness, but often we don’t really know what is making us feel the ways we do. All we know is that life has become unpleasant, difficult or even unbearable.

Sometimes it may not be feasible to talk to friends or family, and you might feel there is no one there able to understand. It could be at these times counselling may be useful option.

You might feel stuck because you have tried and tried to make your marriage work. Getting through to your partner seems hopeless, some of you have even tried marriage counselling and that hasn’t worked either. You don’t want to stay in a failing marriage, but breaking up your family feels wrong too.

Counselling might offer you the chance to make sense of your individual situation, leaving you better prepared to cope for the future. I aim to help clients reach their own understanding of their struggles and to find their own ways of resolving them.

During the sessions you may air your ideas, thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental and confidential setting.

The main approach of couples counselling is based on a clear plan created to take your relationship from where you are to where you want to be. This perspective recognises different way of coping with problems that is noticeable between men and women.

Over the years I was involved in numerous counselling projects:

  • Supporting Grenfell Fire victims (Hestia)​
  • Couple’s Therapy (The Counselling Foundation, Private Practice in Finchley)
  • Counselling individuals (Mind in Barnet, North London Hospice, Private Practice in Finchley)
  • Facilitating support groups (Marie Curie Hospice, London Academy)
  • Counselling children and Young People (Place2Be, Childline)
  • Currently, I run my own private practice, where I see individuals and couples, adults and young people; and enjoy contributing regularly to the North London Hospice training schedule on emotional skills.

As an accredited, UKCP registered and BACP registered psychotherapist/counsellor I have extensive professional and personal experiences to help my clients find the answers they search for. My work with clients is known for a vibrant and relaxed energy, for the clarity of purpose and for the outcomes.

I have been DBS checked by:

• Bea Counselling
• Childline
• North London Hospice
• Place2Be
• Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
• Marie Curie Hospice, Hampstead